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1st Attempt Motorsport Photography

Well........ I pubicize that im a Landscape and Street Photographer yet here I am talking about Motorsport Photography!

I was given the opportunity to visit Oulton Park for the 2018 British Touring Car Championship, not only this but it would be VIP treatment and access with Hospitality, garage access, grid walk prior to Race and to be with the team throughout the race. 

I really didnt know what to expect..... being a guy who drives an old Peugeot a sports car was abit alien to me, but ive always admired the tech and the speed and wondered what it would be like.

We gave all our support to the WIX Eurotech Racing with Jack Goff and thank them for the wonderful experience.

OK, Photography wise i hadnt a clue, so 2 days before im watching YouTube videos on Motorsport Photography, taken notes and thought i was ready.... I really wasnt :)

Poised and ready to shoot the race started.... I started firing off 6 frames per second on my D750 and nothing was in focus everything was too fast and it was a disaster.  I changed settings, shutter at 160/sec to 250/sec, auto ISO and F10 with my 70-200 F2.8 Lens.  The challenging part was that it was a very sunny day and i the only way i could keep the ISO so low (100-400) and more importantly the shutter speed in control, was to shoot at F8-F12.

We moved and changed composition and felt at 250/sec seamed to go well at F10 and Auto ISO keeping it at 100. I was using the group AF function, back button focusing at 6 frames per second on the D750, the group AF is the same as in the D810 and the D5 and it safed everything, its just amazing. My images seamed to be more in focus and going well.

That was a real learning experience and it wasnt easy at all.  I expected it to be easier but it really wasnt. 

I have shared some of the images i shot at the event below.

Any comments would be much appreciated, it was so much fun and would definately do that again.

Challenging yourself at Photography really pushed the knowledge of my gear and I cant recomend it enough to do something out of your comfort zone.

Let me know your thoughts!