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I have started to document my journeys out with my camera, it will help me looking back at my adventures and help you to get closer to my thoughts and expressions in Photography.

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Trip to the Lake District

I took the opportunity while my wife was away to book myself into a hotel in the Lake District for 2 Nights.  I would head there after work, look forward to a beer and some food in the pub attached and get up early with a full day planned.

The plan was to get up for sunrise over Lake Buttermere and the lone tree to start, the problem i had was that i was stuck in traffic and didnt arrive at the hotel until late so i knew getting up for 5am was going to be a challenge which it was....

I was up and about at 6.30am and in the car driving to Lake Buttermere for 7am.  While driving to lake Buttermere i noticed the amazing light we were getting and i had to make a decision fast, either keep going and risk losing the good light or stop somewhere and try and utilise this great light we were getting.

I stopped to make the most of the light at Crummock Water and i am so glad that i did.  The light was amazing and i spent about 2 hours here getting some great shots. Some have made it to my landscape portfolio on my website. 

Feeling smug that i had made the right decision i headed to Lake Buttermere and to the Lone Tree.  When i had parked up and got to the tree the sun was high in the sky and was quite harsh, although i did get a couple of shots i was happy with.

I walked around the lake and took some great images making it around the lake in a few hours. I stopped also to have lunch and by this time i was thinking of where to go for sunset.

What is the plan i was thinking, the sun was too harsh at the moment so i knew i had a few hours before the light would soften. 

I decided to take the 1.5 hour drive to Wast Water, this place was very remote and i was almost alone.  I was also getting tired and it was great to be able to park the car and not do to much of a difficult walk.  I shot a few panoramas and started to look for a composition for sunset.

As the sun was going down behind me we were getting some lovely orange light hitting the mountains in front of me.

After the sun went down i packed up and drove the 1 hour back to the hotel.  Its such a good feeling and a proud moment knowing your are happy with your images and really cant wait to get them home to start processing them.

After a meal in the hotel and a few beers (again!) it felt like 1 beer was actually 3 after being in the fresh air all day, put it this way, i slept well.

After breakfast the next morning i headed home.

What an amazing weekend!